Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meaningful Roadtrip

June 16, 2010

I went on halfday at work, tried to go home early to fix some issues at home. Unfortunately, the travel time took long. I left the office at 6 am, i got home in Pasig, then went home in Pampanga. Time reached Pampanga, 11:00 AM.. Got home really tired and found out some news that would make me want to die.

> I tried to talk things over with someone about the problem we are facing, we had a lot of time crying and even anger is visible within us, but luckily, the temper was gone but needs to find ways to resolve the issue. Finally, the issue got resolved, and part of the resolution made us go to somewhere.

> We went for a roadtrip... we went to a place very far from our city. It was my first time on the way, we had somehow minimize the tension. after minimizing the tension, our crazy ideas suddenly bursts. The roadtrip was a memorable one. We did some things that you should normally not do on a trip.

> We went home and drank some few beers.. then we went home

>>> the downside of this is, I realized that there are things that needs to be settled right after the problems... I need to be very firm with my decision... It is time to move on....


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